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Bend, Oregon is the greatest place to live on Earth.  Let's keep it that way. My goals to build a better Bend include:

For more information on each of these goals, please click the link for each goal. I include my progress, as well, related to each of my goals.



Strong Economy

Building a Better Bend:

  • Land-use policy that provides land for employment
  • Reasonable, shared infrastructure fees that encourage job and wage growth
  • Efficient government that works at the speed of business
  • Small-business recruitment, retention and growth through experts at organizations like EDCO
  • Collaboration with our educational systems to produce people with the skills needed for better paying jobs
  • Small-business incubators who provide the technical and financial resources to grow

Strategic Leadership

Building a Better Bend:

  • Restructuring the council to provide stronger, stable leadership
  • Collaborating with residents, businesses and nonprofits in the decisions that impact Bend
  • Strategic planning focused on tangible, long-term results

Affordable Housing

Building a Better Bend: 

  • Maximizing the impact of the current UGB expansion to reduce housing costs
  • Planning for future UGB expansion
  • Protecting our land and water assets
  • Developing retail clusters closer to where people live
  • Creating employment centers to reduce the costs of transportation and infrastructure

Back to Basics

Building a Better Bend:

  • Keeping Bend safe
  • Paving our streets
  • Providing reasonable land-use policies
  • Focusing on key city functions

Committee for Bend Leadership
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