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Bill receives Bulletin Endorsement!


Editorial: Bill Moseley for Bend Mayor

Bend Bulletin Editorial Board, October 9, 2018
Bend will soon have its first directly elected mayor in decades. Among the six candidates on the ballot, Bill Moseley and Sally Russell are the best qualified.

Vote for Moseley. He has the best vision to lead the city as it struggles to balance livability and growth. Read more.

Standing up for Bend

Bend needs a common-sense plan to manage our growth and preserve the town we love. Reactivity is not getting the job done. Moderate tourism and growth benefit Bend, but our current rate of 12 new people moving here each day is unsupportable. Our middle class is shrinking, and an increasing number of people can’t afford to live here. I will stand up for Bendites on the issues of housing costs, road congestion and neighborhood livability.

In my first two years on the Bend City Council, I led council to:

  • Award contracts to complete Empire and Murphy Roads.
  • Fix our roads – with no new taxes.
  • Create a comprehensive strategy to build more housing.
  • Form a city livability committee.
  • Withhold tourism advertising money in a rainy-day fund.
  • Adopt transportation goals that end the war on cars.
  • Improve the cleanliness and safety of downtown.
  • Revise how Bend sets goals and makes plans.


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