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Bill Moseley knows the challenges ordinary people face while being thankful for the abundance he has encountered.  Bill grew up in a small town in Kansas.  To support the basic needs of his immediate family, Bill began working when he was 10 and has not stopped since.  He was the first person in a large extended family of working-class people to graduate from college and went on to obtain several advanced degrees.  Bill's troubled childhood family lies in stark contrast to the life he's built with his lovely wife, Renee.  Renee and Bill have been married for twenty-one years and have four children, ranging in ages from 6 to 20. (Much to his relief, the oldest has learned to feed herself.)

Government Knowledge & Experience

Currently, Bill serves as the CEO of GL Solutions, a software company he founded in Oregon in 1997.  GL Solutions creates regulatory software for government licensing agencies. GL Solutions now employs more than 60 employees in Bend with clients across the United States.  Prior to starting GL Solutions, Bill worked for the Oregon Department of Justice, overseeing charitable fundraising and gaming activities.  Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers recognized Bill for meritorious service for dramatic efficiency and effectiveness improvements.  Besides work at the DOJ, Bill also consulted municipalities, like the City of Moorhead, MN, on public nuisance law and worked as a private attorney in Kansas.  Bill was elected by a landslide to serve on the Bend City Council beginning January 2017.

Leadership & Community Experience

Bill balances work and family, with a personal duty to give back to his community.  He offers leadership to organizations and sometimes simply a helping hand.  His recent focus includes growing the local economy through technology groups, Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO), Looking Forward and other organizations. 

Examples of community leadership positions include:

  • Technology Association of Oregon, Advisory Board Member
  • City of Bend Economic Development and Advisory Board, founding member and Chair (Former)
  • Opportunity Knocks, President and Board Member (Former)
  • Portland Old Town/Chinatown Neighborhood Association, Board Member (Former)

Bill also donated thousands of hours of his time to various programs that benefit children, including the development of a drug-prevention curriculum for children of women with substance abuse problems. He also created a civic leadership curriculum for youth, experienced by more than 10,000 high schools students to date as a part of an American Legion program. 

In addition, while living in Portland, Bill made a difference by volunteering at the downtown St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.


Bill attended the University of Kansas from 1987 to 1995 earning the following degrees:

  • Master’s in Public Administration – City Management
  • Juris Doctorate
  • Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Political Science

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