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Empire/Murphy Road Campaign

Please speak at city hall, if possible, on April 5 at 7 p.m.  Speaking makes the most impact! By all means, please tell your own story and use your own words.  If you need help, use some of these ideas, if you wish. And thanks again for your support!

Ideas for speaking or writing to Councilors:
Speak on April 5 at 7 p.m. or send e-mails by April 5:

  • I learned that Council voted to spend $11 million of our street construction funds on bikeways, sidewalks and Westside roads, thus delaying the completion of Empire and Murphy roads for 5-10 years.

  • I feel opposed to the actions taken by the Council.

  • I find daily driving on Empire and Murphy roads very challenging. 

    • Traffic frequently backs up. 

    • I drive many extra miles to get where I want to go. (Imagine a missing segment of Mt Washington drive that required you to travel to 14th St to get around town.)

  • Prioritize Murphy and Empire roads to realize the following benefits:

    • Gain a comprehensive road system on the Eastside; we just need the completion of these two small segments of Empire and Murphy to achieve that. Why wait for crippling traffic to happen before we complete these roads?  The city needs to plan ahead. 

    • Help ease the terrible congestion that occurs daily on these roads. New apartments and other developments on these roads, like Empire, threaten to exacerbate the congestion problem.

    • Enable the construction of new homes; more homes help to meet our housing demand. And more homes help to decrease home prices and rents.

    • Make Bend roads a priority. Our roads fail to meet the capacity we need for a growing community.  Every year we delay construction, compounds our problems.

  • Road construction makes a positive impact on jobs and homes.

    • Completing Empire creates 214 new jobs and 1,099 new homes. 

    • Completing Murphy creates 2,274 new jobs and 819 new homes. 

    • The Council’s plan creates 0 new jobs and 0 new homes.

  • If the city partners with developers, we complete both projects by sharing the costs – just like we accomplished on the Westside a few years ago.  If we divert $11 million, there may not be enough money for either project to get done.

  • The funds ($11 million) come from new homes, like those booming on Empire.  Please use system development charges, paid for by new home construction, on new road construction, not for rebuilding existing roads.

  • If existing neighborhoods need bikeways and sidewalks, why not ask voters for a bond to build them?

  • I feel frustrated from waiting so long for the completion of these roads.

  • Thank you for considering my points. I urge you to reconsider your vote and to fund the actual construction money needed to extend Empire and Murphy roads.

When you arrive at City Hall:

  • Fill out the Speaker’s Sign Up Sheet.

  • When called to speak, speak for 3 minutes or less; Mayor Roats runs a tight ship.

  • Relax. Council enjoys hearing your input and our rules require us to listen without interruption or asking questions.

Committee for Bend Leadership
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