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Building a Better Bend: 

Once again, Bend faces a crossroads of our own making.  Since 2000, Bend’s middle-class shrank by over 14%, while the ranks of the most and least fortunate grew.  All the while, home prices increased faster than any other city in Oregon and apartments filled to capacity. While we grow higher paying jobs, we also need to keep the cost of living reasonable, beginning with housing.  Affordable housing is not apartment subsidies for a few people.  Affordable housing is housing we can all live in.  Affordable housing makes it possible to live in Bend earning a typical income.  Affordable housing is also a key factor in determining the cost of doing business in Bend.  When middle class people can afford to live and work in Bend, everyone thrives.

Bill bootstrapped his business from scratch renting a small office in the O’Kane building with a friend in 1998.  His ability to find affordable office space and talented employees were instrumental in getting things off the ground.  That’s one reason that Bend needs affordable housing – it makes it possible for people starting with little to build something larger.  That cheap, one-room office led to Bill’s company pumping more than $50 million into local jobs over the years.


  • Maximizing the impact of the current UGB expansion to reduce housing costs
  • Planning for future UGB expansion
  • Protecting our land and water assets
  • Developing retail clusters closer to where people live
  • Creating employment centers to reduce the costs of transportation and infrastructure

More on Building a Better Bend

Council Work Session focuses on UGB
Bill beleives we need to refocus the housing crisis/shortage. Bend needs plans to solve the housing crisis. Building out the UGB offers an important step.
March 21, 2018

Bill attends Habitat for Humanity Breakfast
Thanks to all who attended the breakfast with Bill to support such an amazing program. Thank you to the following who attended the breakfast with him to learn more about Habitat for Humanity and to offer their support: Erik Lukens, Jody Ward, Rick Wright, Mindy Aisling, Niki Davisson, Jake Burts, Eric Staley, Patti Adair, Phil Henderson.
March 9, 2018

Housing Goals Meeting
Bill met with Councilors Abernathy and Livingston to formulate housing goals.
January 2, 2018

Bill Meets with Affordable Housing Developer
Bill met with a developer of affordable housing to hear feedback on whether the city is customer focused, as well as how to expand housing fast enough to keep prices down.
May 19, 2017

Bill reviews models for SDC charges and property taxes that could be raised if new homes are built in UGB expansion areas.
April 26, 2017


Committee for Bend Leadership
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