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"Moseley, 47, built a software business from the ground up in Bend, GL Solutions. It has some 63 employees. Before that he worked for the Oregon Department of Justice overseeing charitable fundraising and gaming activities. Those experiences give him leadership and business skills to take a strategic approach to focusing on the city’s real problems — not tangents. Vote Moseley." See the full editorial.

Bend Chamber PAC

“We’re trying to make a difference in how city council functions by selecting candidates with a vision and values for our community that align with the Bend Chamber PAC…Moseley started one of Bend’s economic success stories in software company GL Solutions, and understands how to create an environment that encourages business and employment growth.”

Casey Roats

Vice President at Roats Water System/ Bend City Councilor

Bill Moseley is exactly the kind of candidate our community needs, a thoughtful and proven leader.  Bill represents a change from the old and tired politics of "pro-growth" and "anti-growth".  I'm excited about the opportunity to serve with him.”

Meg Chun

CEO/Brand Manager at KIALOA

“Bill is someone who will dive deeply to learn about what the people of Bend want for their future. He will take into account all of the information he gathers and then put his brilliant mind to work to find solutions and move Bend in a direction that maintains our culture while we grow. He truly wants Bend to “remain the greatest place to live, anywhere”.

Jim Schell

 Advisory Board Chair at Sutara

 Bend Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

 “Bill and I have worked together for a dozen years on various projects and I know how he thinks. He understands, and is an advocate for, the confluence of business, jobs and social responsibility."

Jack Robson

President of Nimble Development Inc.

"While Bill and I may not agree on every single political topic, I know him to be an intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful leader.  He is more than capable of bringing principled thought leadership to the City Council.  His selfless contributions to Opportunity Knocks, EDCO, and countless other small business endeavors in Bend underscore his passion to help.  Bend is very fortunate to have this opportunity to utilize Bill."

Scott Ramsay

 Board of Directors at Economic Development for Central Oregon

“Mr. Moseley is a level-headed decision maker. His successful small business is a testament to his leadership skills. Since he is a long-time resident of Bend, I am confident that maintaining a strong, prosperous, well balanced community will be his focus while serving as a City Councilor”

Peter Ozolin

 CEO & Chairman at Manzama

“From my discussions with Bill, he has a good sense of how to address both local issues that are relevant today, yet with an eye toward the future and the need for Bend to attract other industries, some of which will produce higher paying jobs and thus helping to support the various infrastructure investments we will need to make in the months and years to come.  Bill gets it.”

Mike Mudd

 Broad Sky Networks President / TechLink Services CEO

“I support Bill for City Council since he understands what the citizens and the city of Bend need to support the infrastructure to allow housing and business to grow in a sustainable manner.  He has the experience Bend needs now.”

Chris Doan

General Manager at Central Oregon Division at Knife River

“I am endorsing Bill Moseley for the Bend City Council. The council needs positive, professional leadership and I believe Bill will provide just that.  Bill’s background as a small business owner will bring a much needed voice to a council that too often has made decisions that are politically motivated and business unfriendly.”

Mike Hollern

President at Brooks Resources

"We are lucky to have a successful tech entrepreneur willing to serve our community, running for our City Council.  Bill will bring business knowledge, thoughtful decision-making and civil discourse to the increasingly complex job of providing oversight and policy guidance to our wonderful City.  He is a good listener, will do his homework and will be willing to compromise when necessary to achieve objectives for the good of the City of Bend."

Kelly Hollis

Partner at Nimble Development, Inc

I support Bill Moseley because I believe he’ll make informed decisions based upon facts and what is best for the citizens of Bend.  Our city council has failed to adequately address the most basic issues (street repair, water, safety) and continues to produce bad policy that wastes money and does nothing to fix the real problems.  Bill would not have built such a successful company without showing fiscal responsibility and good decision making.  These are traits that our city council desperately needs, which is why I endorse Bill Moseley for Bend City Council.”

Nori Juba, Bend La Pine School Board Member

Brian Shawver, President/CEO of SecurityPros Inc

 Dan Vetras ,CEO at Kollective Technology

 Wes Price, CPA Partner at Price Fronk & Co

 Scott Allan, General Manager at Hydro Flask

Rod Ray, Capsugel Scientific and Business Advisory Board

Victor Chudowsky, Bend City Councilor

Congressman Walden, U.S. Representative for Oregon Second District


Additional Supporters

Mike Andrae

Thomas Bahrman

Michael Heaton

Randy Miller and Sandra Gail Miller

Dave Slavensky

Laura Boehme

Gary O'Connell

Christopher Raven

Vincent Wang

Mike Mudd

Gregory Genrich

Jade Mayer

Dennis Sienko

Mike O'Neil

Brock McFarlane

Bruce Churchill

Frank Chance

Charlie Miller








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